Stonehaven, 13th November 2016

Scottish Book Trust Live Literature workshop

at Stonehaven Community Centre, Stonehaven AB39 2DH.   10am until 4pm.

Morning: Prose writing.  Tutor : Dr Wayne Price, University of Aberdeen.

Afternoon : Poetry writing.  Tutor : Lesley Harrison.

For places and prices, contact Alistair Lawrie at


Aa Aboot Auchmithe

Seatoun farm horses 001

Seaton farm horses swimming in Auchmithie harbour

Aa Aboot Auchmithie pic

stories of the old days

12 drawings by Sarah Maclean, with text by Lesley Harrison


for sale at The Haar, 20-21st August 2016, or email

The Living Field


Many thanks indeed to The Living Field for including a profile of my work on their page.

The Living Field is run by staff at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK. Outreach and education is their main aim, promoting the understanding of crops and wild plants and the need for sustainable production of food and other agricultural products.  Among its current projects are the establishment of a garden with a variety of native plants used locally for medicinal and other purposes for over 5000 years.

Check its website for information about its many and various interests, both local and international, including science/art collaborations, here.

Drift – Vision Mechanics installation at St Cyrus

A fabulous … thing … on St Cyrus beach at the weekend.  Drift is inspired by the story of Betty Mouat, the 61-year-old Shetland crofter who drifted to Norway in a small boat.  The whole ‘set’ (it is a bit like a theatre set that has been washed up on the beach) was really curious and inventive.  It was created by the very clever Vision Mechanics and the fabby Nordland Visual Theatre.  Unfortunately they had to take the whole lot down early on Sunday because of a Force 6 coming in.  Am very glad I caught a wee bit of it – I think me and the dog will go to the Isle of Eigg to see it again next week.

Some very good pictures here.